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Dental Implants for an Authentic Sunshine Coast Smile

Comfortable Implants that feel and function like your natural teeth

The best way to restore your authentic and natural smile

Three key reasons why dental implants are a good choice

Get back your confidence to smile more broadly.

Comfortable Dental Implants on the Sunshine Coast
Restore your natural smile

Implants are comfortable

Implants are one of the most comfortable options for replacing a missing tooth. They act as a part of you, like a natural tooth in appearance and functionality.

You can eat all kinds of foods like normal, replace the ugly gap, and avoid the sore spots and discomfort of a poorly fitted denture.

Dental Implants
Restore your health

Implants support your health

Implants prevent bone loss. Naturally, a tooth’s root applies pressure and stimulates the jawbone and promotes healthy stable bones, and an implant simulates this same function. 

Without replacing a missing tooth, the face structure can change, looking more sunken, and the neighbouring teeth can move, creating an irregular bite.

The gap can become a trap for food and bacteria, leading to gum disease. And of course, as your appearance falters so can your confidence.

Sunshine Coast Dental Implants
Restore your confidence

Implants are long lasting

Dental implants are robust, and if looked after by good oral hygiene and regular dental check ups and cleans, they can last from 10 years to a lifetime.


We aim to serve the Sunshine Coast community by ensuring excellence in our treatments, always striving for optimal health, and understanding that it has to fit within your budget.

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Your dedicated e

Custom made Implants to match your other teeth.

Get back your confidence to smile more broadly.

anatomy of healthy teeth and tooth dental implant P5PWYZQ
Anatomy of healthy teeth and tooth dental implant.

At Hinterland View Dental, we can restore a missing or unsavable tooth by putting in a dental implant. The best part about it is an implant looks, feels and functions like a natural tooth.

Custom made, implants match your other teeth, giving you back your confidence to smile broadly. They also act like your other teeth, not needing to be removed for eating or sleeping, not impeding your speech and cleaning as you brush and floss like normal.

Feeling like a healthy tooth, you can enjoy life the same way as you are used to.

Come in for a free consultation with one of our experienced dentists to explore the many options, balance benefits with costs and determine the best option for you.

Restorative dentistry can include dentures, bridges, direct bonding, crowns, veneers and implants, and we like to explain the options, benefits and costs to suit your situation so you can make an informed choice to build your health back.

What is a Dental Implant?

3d dental tooth implant K8W7QWP
Dental tooth implant.

Dental implants are natural looking but artificial teeth held in place by a titanium root, that bonds to the existing bone.

It is said that in the past, some ancient civilisations replaced missing teeth with animal bone, shell or ivory.

Researchers now know that some types of metal can fuse with bone. The discovery of this process of osseointegration made a great leap forward into implant development and success. 

The implant is surgically inserted through the gum and into the jawbone. Over time, it attaches and integrates to the bone, becoming permanently fused, stable and long-lasting.

The replacement tooth or crown of the implant is made to match in shape, size and colour to the appearance of your other teeth.

The gums also support and adapt around the implant, just like a healthy tooth, making it hard for anyone to recognise the difference.

Who needs an implant? When is it a good option?

Come and see us for a free consultation if you have a tooth you are worried about losing, or a gap in your smile. 

Implants can also be used to stabilise dentures or bridges. By acting as a mounting point, implants can create a natural, secure fit, avoiding shifting and sliding.

Restore your smile. Restore your health. Restore your confidence.

Got a toothache or another dental emergency?

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